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Limited LP : Splatter Coloured Vinyl Repress (Released: 02/04/2021)

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5th album from Flamingods and their first full-length release on Moshi Moshi is inspired by 1970s sounds from the Middle East and South America. Expect florid kaleidoscopic psychedelia with hints of disco and funk.

Available as a strictly limited (to 400) and rather beautiful DINKED edition in glittery gold vinyl in embossed sleeve with a bonus signed art print.

Also available on yellow vinyl LP and CD.

    1. Paradise Drive

    1. Koray

    1. Marigold

    1. Astral Plane

    1. Peaches

    1. Moonshine On Water

    1. Olympia

    1. Club Coco

    1. Mantra East

    1. Nizwa

    1. Levitation