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Florian Willeitner, the star student of top violinist Benjamin Schmid, has been travelling the world and studying a wide variety of different musical cultures since the age of 19.

In 2018 he founded Pool of Invention, an international artists’ collective, with whom he has focused his efforts on highly efficient transcultural art.

The collective is a creative partner of leading festivals such as Mozart Week in Salzburg, directed by Rolando Villazón.

With his first album on ACT, we witness a first culmination of these endeavours: a trio project with two similarly inclined musicians who are also opening up new paths for stringed instruments, Georg Breinschmid and Igmar Jenner.

Novemberlicht (Florian Willeitner)
Fragile (Gordon M. Sumner)
Reminiscence (Georg Breinschmid)
Brazil Imported (Florian Willeitner)
Dark Romance or the Short Life of Mister Gimli Hope (Florian Willeitner)
The Green Wind (Florian Willeitner)
The Swindler (Georg Breinschmid)
Searching (Georg Breinschmid)
Hochkar (Georg Breinschmid)
Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair (Stephen Foster)