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LP : White vinyl

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The 2nd album from British composer Anna Meredith, following the 'Scottish Album Of The Year'-winning "Varmints".

"FIBS" is no “Varmints Part 2” — the retreading of old ground, or even a smooth progression from one project to
another, just isn’t Meredith’s style. Instead, if anything, it’s “Varmints 2.0”, an overhauled and updated version of the
composer’s soundworld, involving, in places, a literal retooling that has seen Meredith chuck out her old MIDI patches
and combine her unique compositional voice with brand-new instruments, both acoustic and electronic, and a writing
process that’s more intense than she’s ever known. Despite Meredith’s background and skills these tracks are no
academic exercise, the world of FIBS is at both overwhelming and intimate, a journey of intense energy and joyful
01. Sawbones
02. Inhale Exhale
03. Calion
04. Killjoy
05. Bump
06. moonmoons
07. Divining
08. Limpet
09. Ribbons
10. Paramour
11. Unfurl