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Fargo Season 4

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Limited 2LP : Translucent Red and Translucent Green Vinyl - includes Loy Canyon (Chris Rock) Fridge Magnet

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Season 4 of the popular dark comedy-crime drama anthology series Fargo (inspired by Joel & Ethan Coen’s 1996 movie of the same name) was released in 2020. Again produced by the Coen brothers, this season stars Chris Rock, Jessie Buckley, Jason Schwartzman, Ben Whishaw and Jack Huston and is set in Kansas City, Missouri in November 1950.

The story revolves around the head of a crime syndicate made up of black migrants who are fleeing the Jim Crow South and have a contentious relationship with the Kansas City mafia. The season was well received, with Chris Rock and Glynn Turman receiving Critics’ Choice Television Award nominations for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor in a Limited Series.

Jeff Russo served as the composer for the soundtrack. While the previous Fargo soundtracks leaned heavily on rock, this one has a more jazzy vibe, which is very fitting to the era and place in which the season is set.


1. Open (Meet the Families)
2. Ethelrida
3. Mayhem (Cannon)

1. Mayhem Part Deux (Fada)
2. The Spanish Italian
3. Wood Blocks
4. Fargo Season 4 Main Theme (B&W)
5. Hands
6. Crime

1. Sliders (Loy)
2. Stomp
3. Train Station
4. (An Actual) Ring of Fire
5. Trumpet for Lemuel

1. Additions
2. Leaving Liberal
3. Fargo Season 4 Main Theme (Dustbowl)
4. Its Done
5. Battle Hymn
6. America the Beautiful