Falling from Fame

  • Released: 27/08/2021
  • Label: BMG
  • Genre: Rock

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‘Falling From Fame’ is Takida’s follow album to the hugely successful ‘Sju’, which has become a milestone album in Takida’s over two decades long career, as ‘Sju’ broke the band outside of Sweden, and specifically in Germany, with tracks like ‘Master’ and ‘What About Me’. ‘Falling From Fame’ could be Takida’s most solid album, 11 newly composed tracks with a range of strong singles such as the introducing track- ‘Goodbye’.


1. Goodbye
2. We Will Never Be
3. Meet Me Half of the Way
4. You Will Never Leave Us Behind
5. Feel You Falling Away
6. In Spite of Everything
7. Morning Sun
8. Let the Hammer Ring the Bell
9. For the Last Time
10. Reclaiming What Was Mine
11. What You Never Knew