Faxed Head

Exhumed At Birth (2022 Remaster)

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The dark road travelled by Faxed Head since the early 1990s was long thought to have dead-ended ages ago - but with the torn-from-the-headlines appearance of the recent ‘Vaxxed Head’ 7" single, hopes are rising in the scattered and shattered Headheads around the world. Raise the roof a little higher: ‘Exhumed at Birth’, the long-lost 1997 debut
album, is now seeing its first-ever vinyl release. And the remastered tracks sound incredible.

Faxed Head are a part of an almost-lost current of protest music from the underground of thirty years ago. They presented as a band with features entirely obscured from view by crudely made costumes showcasing their (allegedly disfigured) heads. Their post-hardcore music exploded into adjacent permutations of aggressive metallic rock and dime-store
musique concrète. When they played live, the spectacle of it all was as intense as the music and their insane backstory - which inspired enclaves of enraptured freaks around the planet to declare them most supreme.


I Saw Into the Grave Grave
Exhumed at Birth
Gore and Guts
House of Spirits
The Ancient Evil
Susurrus In Gloaming
Don’t Turn Out Like Me
The Sickroom of Delivery
Could Eckankar Help?
A Dream
Peregrinations From
The Blackened Coffin