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The rare French metal cult album finally reissued and bundled together with ten tracks taken from demo tapes. With extensive liner notes by Olivier ‘Zoltar’ Badin. One of mid-80’s heavy-metal characteristics was how it didn’t bother mincing with words. KREATOR had an album called Pleasure To Kill, IRON MAIDEN were celebrating Killers and a certain Number of the Beast, METALLICA's introduction letter to the world was bluntly titled Kill’Em All, DESTRUCTION was called, well, DESTRUCTION and were promising us an ‘infernal overkill’ or, worst, a ‘bestial invasion from hell’ etc. Plain, simple, direct, in one word: METAL. And in a way, you could use that one single word to describe ADX debut. From its title Exécution (that doesn’t require much translation does it?) to its striking artwork or, of course, its galloping music, it turned overnight the rest of the other wise vibrant French heavy metal scene into old farts stuck in the past.

1. Déesse Du Crime
2. Prisonnier De La Nuit
3. L'etranger
4. Exécution
5. Le Fléau De Dieu
6. Prière De Satan
7. Vampire
8. Caligula
9. Introduction
10. Déesse du Crime - Demo Version
11. Caligula - Demo Version
12. L'etranger - Demo Version
13. Le Fleau de Dieu - Demo Version
14. Exécution - Demo Version
15. Déesse du Crime - Demo Version 2
16. L'etranger - Demo Version 2
17. Le Fleau de Dieu - Demo Version 2
18. Caligula - Demo Version 2