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A first-generation Mexican-American based in Oxnard, CA, Los Retros AKA Mauri Tapia began playing music as a child, borrowing his older brother’s guitar when he was just eight years old. Aged 16, he started putting tracks online that he’d recorded with an old second hand mixer, on which he played all the instruments himself. Thanks purely to word of mouth, he built a loyal fanbase online, racking up hundreds of thousands of streams and began performing to sold out audiences of young people who related to his heartfelt songs.

His second EP, ‘Everlasting’, is a collection of intimate, nostalgia-inducing songs that channel a variety of influences, from soul and funk to psychedelic rock and Latin American pop. Across the EP, Los Retros reflects on a newfound sense of spirituality, love and positivity.

Cry of The Humble
Sweet Honey
The Messiah
New Humanity