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Led by some paraplegic singer/guitarists and backed by an all-acoustic rhythm section pounding out tight grooves, this fascinating band was the praise of all medias when Europe discovered them back in 2009.

Then there was “Benda Bilili”, the documentary film on the band, premiered at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in 2010, “a remarkable documentary and an amazing music film" (Telegraph). The film went on to be released across Europe and the US, and contributed to making Staff Benda Bilili one of the most emblematic African bands around the world.

Staff Benda Bilili craft songs of a rare beauty and of an extraordinary power, based on funky, rumba or even reggae grooves, magnified by some bluesy crooner voices.

After 8 years of silence, the tremendous African combo is back with their third album


1. Semba Bilokota
2. Jamais De La Vie
3. Salongo
4. Ata Ba Pasi
5. Déception
6. Congolais
7. Olio Anté
8. Trois Décembre
9. Bolamu
10. Wedding
11. ONG
12. Bato Ya Mokili
13. Bonne Année
14. Nazali Etula