Dwight Yoakam

Dwight's Used Records

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Limited LP : Gold Nugget Coloured Vinyl

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Dwight’s Used Records features several cuts that Yoakam contributed to several tribute compilations, duets that appeared on other artists’ albums, and a few unreleased covers. The album sounds remarkably cohesive despite the various sources and artists involved, and speaks to the consistent run of strong recordings Yoakam and producer Pete Anderson developed over their nearly twenty-year run. The collection contains the rootsy blend of country and bluegrass that has always been at the heart of Yoakam’s music.


Side A
1. Stop The World
2. Down Where The River Bends
3. Mercury Blues
4. Waiting
5. Some Dark Holler
6. If You Were Me
7. Little Chapel
8. Loco Motion

Side B

1. Miner’s Prayer
2. Understand Your Man
3. Wheels
4. I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide
5. Paradise
6. “I Said” (Paradise Reprise)