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Limited LP : Limited edition white vinyl

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New York’s B Boys (Andrew Kerr, Brendon Avalos, Britton Walker) find inspiration in the chaos that surrounds them: the aggressive attitude and sonic lawlessness of the city they live, work, and breathe in every day. Their raw, yet meticulous style is characterized by rhythmic complexity, commanding riffs, and introspective lyrics that are as playful and self-aware as they are cutting.

Across two acclaimed releases on Captured Tracks (2016’s "No Worry No Mind" EP and 2017’s debut full-length "Dada") B Boys explore solitude and self-reflection through sharp, high-energy shouts and melodic mediations. Now, the sprightly sarcasm and acerbic commentary continues on the band’s highly anticipated sophomore LP, "Dudu".
1. Cognitive Dissonance

2. Pressure Inside

3. Closer

4. Automation

5. Ceremonies of Waste

6. Instant Pace

7. No

8. Another Anthem

9. I Want

10. On Repeat

11. Smoke You

12. Can't Stand It

13. Asleep/Awake

14. Taste For Trash

15. Dudu