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Limited LP : Limited 'indies-only' edition on blue vinyl

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Re-issue of Californian producer Jason Chung AKA Nosaj Thing's debut album, originally released in 2009.

Coming from the Low End Theory beat scene in Los Angeles, one of the most influential hubs of experimental music,
Jason has worked alongside some of the most prominent figures in the industry. Having produced and made remixes
for the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper, Philip Glass, and Flying Lotus – ranging from ambient, to hip hop, to club music.
"Drift" brings all of Jason’s uniqueness and talent to life and has served as a platform for his subsequent growth as an
artist. He creates all of his music based on personal experiences and his surroundings, in turn creating a new world of
sounds. He recorded this album whilst playing movies in the room, and sometimes developed melodies based on
scenes that would come on the screen.
"Looking back at it now, I feel like it captures an important time in my life. Drift sets the blueprint of my sound. It is
an outcome of my interest in soundscapes, beats, and design."
A1. Quest
A2. Fog
A3. Coat Of Arms
A5. 1685/Beach
A6. Caves
B1. Light #1
B2. Light #2
B3. 2222
B4. Us
B5. Voices
B6. Lords