Telefon Tel Aviv

Dreams Are Not Enough

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The return of storied Southern Gothic electronic entity Telefon Tel Aviv is as unexpected as it is impressive. Their
three influential albums of the 2000’s ("Fahrenheit Fair Enough", "Map Of What Is Effortless", and "Immolate Yourself") charted an increasingly turbulent and textured vision of post-IDM synthetic songcraft, until the sudden passing of founding member Charlie Cooper in 2009 ceased the project, presumably forever.
During the decade since, co-founder Josh Eustis has performed with, produced, mixed, and mastered countless artists, from high-profile institutions (Nine Inch Nails, Puscifer, Apparat) to underground fixtures (Belong, Vatican
Shadow, Drab Majesty, Tropic Of Cancer), in addition to his own solo and collaborative work in Sons Of Magdalene
and Second Woman. But years of reflection and processing gradually seeded in him a desire to revive TTA and
venture a fourth full-length, in the spirit of what they started: "Dreams Are Not Enough".
01. I dream of it often:

02. a younger version of myself,

03. standing at the bottom of the ocean;

04. arms aloft,

05. mouth agape,

06. eyes glaring,

07. not seeing,

08. not breathing,

09. still as stone in a watery fane