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Limited LP : Limited edition grey vinyl

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The sequel to Pastor Barrett’s landmark 1971 masterpiece "Like A Ship", "Do Not Pass Me By" finds the young Chicago
preacher and his Youth for Christ Choir continuing their genre-bending spiritual journey. Heavy drums, soaring
falsettos, euphoric tambourines, sharp horns, and Barrett’s unwavering devotion dance around a 40-piece choir,
working together to form sanctified slab of gospel funk. Pressed in a minuscule quantity in 1973, "Do Not Pass Me By"
was sold primarily from the pulpit of Barrett’s Mt. Zion Baptist Church, disappearing into Chicago’s south side for 45
years before Numero’s excavation.
1. Jesus Is All The World To Me
2. I Want To Be In Love With You
3. Jesus, Lover Of My Soul
4. O Sinner
5. I Shall Wear A Crown
1. Do Not Pass Me By
2. Here I Am
3. There Is Only One
4. O What A Day
5. No Not One