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Based out of a Portland and working as a teacher, film composer, and mentorship under Mark Orton (Nebraska, Tin Hat.) Eric Phillips' musical vision for Kennebec - a catalogue of his time spent in the Olympic Peninsula- led to him producing ‘Departure’ in Spring 2017. On ‘Departure’, organic beats and soaring string lines envelope the listener with a dreamful kind of optimism. New single ‘Seasons Change’ is a silky myriad of sounds, textures and techniques that melt against a backdrop of subtle electronics, while ‘Kalahari’ glistens with curiosity and adventure as magnetic strings meet with a mosaic of horns.
Elsewhere, the melancholic and wistful moods of ‘Wellspring’ provide a moment of reflection before the warm, fuzzy, feel good grooves of ‘Quest’, embellished by flutes and sax, venture into more overt atmospherics and fluid modulations.


1. As We Grow Older
2. Seasons Change
3. Kalahari
4. Abundance - In The Reeds
5. A Monsoon
6. Pipe Dreams
7. Wellspring
8. Quest
9. Yesterday, Tomorrow
10. Departure