Delusion Spree

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A collective made up of songwriters, producers, sound engineers and session musicians, Eades, more than most, have grappled to reconcile the importance of community against a burning need to go it alone. Self-proclaimed as “David Bryne and Lou Reed’s dyslexic child playing out of a Motorola Pebl” the juxtaposition serves to fit. Like New York Bowery clubrats misreading the instruction manual for British post-punk, their sound is assembled somewhere within the shifting textures of rhythmic convulsions and low-fidelity rawness.


1. Saying Forever
2. Reno
3. Voodoo Doll
4. Backseat Politic
5. I'm Holding Back Your Hair
6. Ever Changing
7. Parachute Games
8. A Welcome Goodbye
9. Smoking Hour
10. Former Warnings Cluster
11. Sundays
12. Delusion Spree