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The fourth full length album of Polish death metal act BANISHER. 8 new songs totaling forty minutes of brutal and technical death metal.

“Degrees Of Isolation” appears to be the most diverse, mature, and both musically and technically advanced album the band have ever captured. Recommended if you like Decapitated, Suffocation, Hate Eternal, Pestilence, Death, The Faceless, Cryptopsy.

The lineup including members and ex-members of Decapitated, Belphegor, Vital Remains, Hate, Redemptor And Shodan. Cover art by Ukasz Jaszak (Decapitated, Blood Red Throne, Vomitory, Volturyon).

  1. Actors And Accomplices
  2. Devil In ISO 5
  3. Extradition
  4. Illusory Enslavement
  5. Sacred Rules
  6. Lockdown
  7. Apotheosis
  8. Echoes