Sorry Girls


  • Released: 18/10/2019
  • Label: Arbutus
  • Genre: Pop

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The debut album from a Montreal based duo consisting of vocalist Heather Foster Kirkpatrick and producer Dylan Konrad Obront.

Written and recorded by the duo over two years and mixed by David Carriere of TOPS, the LP has a decidedly honed and cared for aesthetic. It chronicles the ebb and flow, ups and down of loving, of finding yourself. Moving seamlessly from moments of refined tension to contemplating the torment of a lost-love, it flirts seamlessly with the heartfelt songwriting of the 60s, the smooth groove of the 70s, the synth-mania of the 80s, and the angst of the 90s, without ever feeling anything less than Sorry Girls.
01 Waking Up
02 One That You Want
03 Dirty Laundry
04 Under Cover
05 Something's Got to Give
06 Deborah
07 Easier
08 H.O.N.E.S.T.Y.
09 Give You Love
10 Warm Heat