Jacques Greene

Dawn Chorus

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Limited 2LP : Purple Vinyl

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The record is bold step forward and his most collaborative project to date, featuring additional production and instruments from film composer Brian Reitzell (Lost In Translation), cello by London’s Oliver Coates, additional production from Clams Casino and vocal contributions from ambient artist Julianna Barwick, rapper Cadence Weapon and singers Ebhoni and Rochelle Jordan.

If the Canadian artist’s 2017 debut album ‘Feel Infinite’ was the soundtrack to a dream pregame - amping you up to lose yourself in the club - then ‘Dawn Chorus’ resides in the post- rave reflective moment. A time of heightened sensuality and latent possibility.

Now 29, Greene has been making music “about the club” for over a decade. His sound could be described as an emotional haze, in that its balance of sonic elements work to illuminate the overlapping feelings that lie between the familiar binaries.

‘Dawn Chorus’ opens with ‘Serenity’, an all-back-to-mine breaks tune that Greene describes as “a weird, euphoric take on Chemical Brothers.”

‘Night Service’ is a neon-lit hip house anthem helmed by Canadian rapper Cadence Weapon, who drapes a love letter to the club around Greene’s acid-dipped synths.

Elsewhere, ‘Distance’ blends ambient textures with sampled birdsong and the snaking lines of Oliver Coates’ cello.

“The dozen tracks on ‘Dawn Chorus’ capture the hazy, ambient feeling of joyful exhaustion. It’s an elegant soundtrack to a real moment in many ravers’ lives, and rather than create the music you might listen to then, he scores the scene as if it were a movie.” - Billboard


Drop Location
Do It Without You
Night Service
Let Go
For Love