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Daniel Knox

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LP : 'Dusk' coloured vinyl

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Daniel Knox is a songwriter, composer, filmmaker, arranger, and piano player living in Chicago.
On Daniel’s eponymous third album, originally released in 2015, some of the previous dark humour has been replaced by a weightier and welcome gravitas, a lyrical emphasis which is mirrored in a meticulous new instrumental rigor. Knox also seems to have harnessed his vocal acrobatics to serve this subtle stylistic shift. While Daniel’s work fits somewhere amidst the broader backdrop of American Popular Song, in recent years his compositions and arrangements have grown increasingly more informed by film score and opera, perhaps owing to his long-time job as projectionist at Chicago’s 85 year-old treasure, the Music Box Theatre. 


1. Blue Car
2. Don't Touch Me
3. By the Venture
4. Lawrence & MacArthur
5. Incident at White Hen
6. High Pointe Drive
7. White Oaks Mall
8. David Charmichael
9. Car Blue
10. 14 15 111