Mount Kimbie

Crooks And Lovers

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Re-issue of the debut album from Dominic Maker and Kai Campo AKA Mount Kimbie.

Mount Kimbie's first two EPs - 'Maybes' and 'Sketch On Glass' - seemed like explorations of spaces so private that all
within earshot were instantly turned into voyeurs. The experience was less like listening to music and more like
eavesdropping on the machinations of a lone mind - albeit a lone mind surrounded by and retreating from millions of
other minds. Difficult to categorise, the lush EPs caused a commotion when released, 'Sketch On Glass'
also reworked by the likes of Faulty DL, SCB (Scuba's darker techno alias) and their sometime collaborator James Blake.

The band's sound and response to the dubstep moment is very much their own. Sceneless and untethered from
etiquette and genre codes, 'Crooks & Lovers' floats through dubstep and hip-hop, jazz, techno and ambient, post-
rock, UK garage and film scores to startling effect.
A1. Tunnelvision
A2. Would Know
A3. Before I Move Of
B1. Blind Night Errand
B2. Adriatic
B3. Carbonated
C1. Ruby
C2. Ode To Bear
C3. Field
D1. Mayor
D2. Between Time