Max Pope

Counting Sheep

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Limited LP : White Vinyl

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A constant in his world of uncertainty was music. In part, this was thanks to his music obsessive father, who would expose him to an abundance of genres whenever he visited. Max soon developed an insatiable musical appetite of his own. The urgent poetry of Gil Scott-Heron resonated, as did Nick Drake’s intricate folk and the Beatles’ pristine pop. Bill Withers, Graham Coxon, Donny Hathaway and Jimi Hendrix also hit home. Max’s musical church has always been startlingly broad, counting funk, bossa nova, blues, jazz and rock and roll amongst its number and explains why many of these styles surface in his own material.


No Love (Mr Shady)
Counting Sheep
Will You Ever Be As Good As You Think You Are?
The Wind Calls My Name
Muddy Waters
Not Doing What I Was Told
Better Late Than Never
The Water