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Cornflake Zoo Episode 24

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Dustin E’s alter ego as a partial purveyor of bad taste surfaces in despicable fashion for the 24th succulent instalment. A prickly combination of irony, fuzz pedals, little green men, reckless drivers, elephants and an overall dubious fashion sense culminate in a car crash compilation like no other. A bit like chewing on a sizable chunk of lysergic acid diethylamide or plasticine, the pleasure is yours, but the toilet’s over there. Beautifully remastered selection of high jinx on wax with 16 page colour booklet to guide you to the end safely.


1. THE BEATNIKS My Aeroplane 1967
2. THE COOL CATS Machines 1967
3. NEW INSPIRATION Rudy The Marsman 1968
4. THE HIFIs What’s A Bulb? 1967
5. KENNY I Don’t Miss You 1968
6. DARWIN’S THEORY All The Time Clementine 1967
Monster Doggie And Peggie At The Witches Castle 1969
8. RONNIE & THE RONNIES Help! Help! 1967
9. THE MAGICS Wake Up! 1966
10. SYLVESTER’S TEAM Rose 1967
11. SIR HENRY Mr Brown’s Friend 1968
12. THE SAUTERELLES Where Have All The Flowers Gone 1968
13. LES MALEDICTUS SOUND Jim Clark Was Driving Recklessly 1968
14. THE HUNTERS Janosh 1966
15. THE GONKS In A Persian Market 1966
16. THE BOOTJACKS My Bass Guitar 1966
17. THE BEATHOVENS Blow Up Machine 1967
18. THE MEGA’S Laura 1968
19. THE JAY FIVE Little Green Man 1968
20. POP & SYLVESTER’S TEAM Doctor Henry 1967
21. THE HIFIs I’m A Box (Mum-Mum-Mum) 1967
22. ANTOINE An Elephant’s Looking At Me 1966
23. SIR HENRY Naughty Girl 1968