Pantha Du Prince

Conference Of Trees

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Hendrik Weber aka Pantha Du Prince (‘a fantasy character...a poetic transporter for the concept behind the music’) has carved a niche for a style of techno he calls, ‘layered and cinematographic.’ He released the Diamond Daze (2004) and This Bliss (2007) albums on Berlin dance label Dial before signing to Rough Trade and widening his audience with Black Noise (2010) and The Element of Light (2013).

On “Conference of Trees”, Pantha Du Prince explores the communication of trees and creates a sound concept based on it. What we experience here is a break through recording of experimental music, visual poetry, club culture and speculative science.


1. Approach In A Breeze
2. Transparent Tickle Shining Glace
3. Holding The Oak
4. When We Walk
5. Roots Making Family
6. The Crown Territory
7. Supernova Space Time Drift
8. Silentium Larix
9. Pius In Tacet
10. Lichtung