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Common Sense

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Some say Viagra Boys is something akin to a looking glass pointed at the absurdity of existence and misconceptions of modern society. A depraved and ferociously bass-driven judgement on western civilization, a distorted 24/7 party on the acid highway whilst the world slowly rots away. Others claim they´re more like a gross joke on masculinity, gleefully serving up escapist narratives lacking any form of self-preservation; like an obfuscated back alley door into the backwaters of the human psyche.

Metaphors aside, Viagra Boys is an unapologetically raw sextet comprised of classically trained jazz musicians, karaoke loving tattoo artists and seasoned hardcore scene veterans. They churn out pulsating sounds from the sub levels of contemporary rock music - a bellowing, unstoppable force majeure of latter-day punk, PTSD disco and synthetically enhanced kraut. With several Swedish Grammy nominations, an Impala Award for "European Independent Album Of the Year" and a spot at Coachella Festival 2020 in the bag, V**gra Boys are ready to unveil their new EP "Common Sense".


1. Common Sense

2. Lick The Bag

3. Sentinel Island

4. Blue