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Limited 2LP: Pink w/ Red & Black Splatter Vinyl

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Third full length from Chicago's progressive alt-metal group, Without Waves. The music ranges from extreme metal to jazz fusion to atmospheric rock, showcasing blistering riffs and unorthodox time signatures paired alongside dreamy melodies and poetic chord structures. Their diverse sound has given Without Waves a chance to share the stage with an equally diverse selection of bands: The Black Dahlia Murder, Scale the Summit, Anneke Van Giersbergen, Vattnet Viskar and Leprous just to name a few. THEMES: "Comedian" the album brings together ten expansive tracks that chart the emotion-heavy few years that the Chicago-based band have experienced together. That the band states there’s a thread of anxiety that runs through each of the album’s tracks may not come as a surprise given the lyrical content. Wrapped up within the themes of the album are myriad emotional responses to both personal and socio-political experiences; from the toxic nature of living in the information age, to learning to stare down your fears and doing what scares you. Comedian charts the maturation of the musicians that crafted these audio offerings.


1. Good Grief
2. Animal Kingdom
3. .algorithm
4. Set & Setting
5. Sleep Deep
6. Do What Scares You
7. Sleight in Shadows
8. Day 15
9. Worlds Apart
10. Seven