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Coma World is a new collaboration between Maxwell Hallett, a.k.a. Betamax (The Comet Is Coming/Soccer96) and Pete Bennie (Speaker’s Corner Quartet) bringing together their potent chemistry in an intoxifying debut LP. Betamax drives the duo with his signature ‘rhythmadelic’ drum rapture as Pete elegantly pummels bass tones into an assortment of wonky pockets. Both layer on a blanket of electronic dark matter to create a sonic womb-like world laid out for the brave listener to explore. This is dub and jazz reduced to the raw fundamentals of experimentation, trance and spontaneity.

Inspired by a friend’s recollections of being in a coma, the duo delve through the mysteries of consciousness and return with a striking array of colourful sound artefacts. From Cosmic flushes that wouldn’t sound amiss on a record by Byrd Out collaborator the late, great Andrew Weatherall, through to drowsy groove meditations and explosive eruptions, the album plays by its own rules but demands attention. The two artists sling their dirty funk through cold clouds of darkness leaving psychedelic trails of bleeping fractal spillage. The sonic experimentation is distilled through analogue studio relics followed by a rugged ‘all hands-on deck’ live mix down performance from 1/4” tape. The result is a spontaneous collection of sonic debris that will be administered to willing participants through 12” vinyl format.


A1. Wipe and Erase
A2. Megatone
A3. Strangers in the Home
A4. Duty to Die
A5. Thief
A6. Wild Colours
A7. Cream Submarine

B1. Bouncing Bunnies
B2. Wake and Fake
B3. Oh My Eyes
B4. No Focus
B5. Some Sleep for the Weak
B6. Paranoid Visions of Worm
B7. Oblonge
B8. Mind Grinder