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The first full-length album from Afriqua AKA Berlin-based producer Adam Longman Parker. The album is a celebration of the unifying power of Black culture through the prism of electronic music.

After releasing successful singles “Soul Correction,” and “Chronic Cool,” and the back-to-back Aleph and
"Vice" and "Principle" EPs, a full-length album was the ideal format for Parker to expand on the sounds typified in his
dancefloor productions. "Colored" is a natural culmination of Parker’s stylistic spectrum, spanning from house and
techno to experimental and abstract electronica.

From the ritual chants on “Shout,” to Motown’s African roots on “Upstream,” and the George Clinton-era psyfunk of
“Space Dookie,” Colored ’s diverse musical influences read like a lesson in Black music history. This panoramic
approach extends to the album’s collaborators as well— lyrical wizard and J.Cole collaborator Salomon Faye, Belgian
Afro-pop vocalist Zap Mama, LCD Soundsystem bassist Tyler Pope, and Parker’s brother, producer and songwriter


A1. Tema (ft Ruven)
A2. Dope
A3. Sociodelic
A4. Shout
B1. Birdlandia
B2. Noir
B3. Upstream (ft Zap Mama)
B4. Turner
C1. Zenith
C2. Native Sun
C3. Go Tell It (ft Salamon Faye)
C4. Whatever Means
D1. Jumpteenth
D2. Burn
D3. Space Dookie (ft Big Farma)