Cloud Nine

  • Released: 02/07/2021
  • Label: Soulvent
  • Genre: D&B

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In:Most are back with a bang after a brief period of silence following the release of their debut album ‘Voyager’.  

We were treated to a delightful detour with the remix EP ‘Voyager: Alternate Routes’ dropping in April 2021. Their eagerly awaited return comes in the form of a brand new EP titled ‘Cloud Nine’ which further showcases their development as purveyors of heartfelt, soulful liquid D&B.  

The boys have fine tuned their creative process since writing the seminal chapter of the journey and this time they’ve teamed up with good friends and siren vocalists Ruth Royall and Etherwood on this dreamy 5-track offering. 

Crafted with love and suitably atmospheric, this undeniably talented duo follow up their album with their most accomplished EP to date, which will be immortalised in gloriously deep purple-vinyl in addition to the usual digital for mats. We invite you to sample the dizzying heights of the ‘Cloud Nine’ EP - available to stream, buy and own from the 2nd of July 2021.


“Mind’s Eye” / “Back To The Sun (feat. Ruth Royall)” / “Other Side” /  “Bloodstream” / “Cloud Nine”