Angelica Garcia

Cha Cha Palace

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Angelica Garcia is a Mexican-Salvadoran-American singer from Los Angeles. Newly signed to Spacebomb, she has just released her first tracks on the label, It Don't Hinder Me and Karma the Knife - and they're extraordinary. Angelica has spent the last few years creating a new, second family for herself within the welcoming community of Richmond, VA. This multicultural dichotomy shapes her new album Cha Cha Palace—her Spacebomb Records debut and follow up to 2016’s Medicine for Birds.


1. I Don’t Believe in Death
2. Karma The Knife
3. Jícama
4. It Don’t Hinder Me
5. La Enorme Distancia
6. Guadalupe
7. Lucifer Waiting
8. La Llorona
9. Valentina in the Moonlight
10. Agua De Rosa
11. Penny in my Back Pocket
12. Jícama Pt. Dos
13. The Big Machine