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A consummate picker and the master of economic understatement and pristine taste, guitar-for-hire James Burton has carved out a reputation as the ultimate sideman, whose eloquent licks embellished and enhanced everything he played on.

Rightly deified for his work with Ricky Nelson and much later, Elvis Presley, he laid down the blueprint for late 60s/early 70s Country-Rock, and has continued to ply his trade into the 21st Century. This compilation presents a unique snapshot of his early career as a sideman, initially as a teenager, recording in Louisiana.

Featured artists include Dale Hawkins, Bob Luman, David Houston, Bobby Lee Trammell, Ricky Nelson, Dorsey Burnette and Glen Campbell, alongside less
readily-known names like James Wilson & The Jimmie-Cats, The Shadows, Maylon Humphries, Tommy Cassel and The Shacklefords, plus a rare, live solo performance recorded at the Town Hall Party. As you would doubtless expect, this set includes a number of collectable rarities you’ll be hard pushed to find elsewhere on CD.

  1. James Wilson & The Jimmie-Cats - You Won’t Know Why Till I’m Gone 
  2. James Wilson & The Jimmie-Cats - Wilson Blues
  3. The Shadows - Jumping With Shadows (Demo)
  4. The Shadows - Shadow Rock (Demo)
  5. Dale Hawkins - If You Please Me (Demo)
  6. Dale Hawkins - Suzie Q (Alternate Take)
  7. Dale Hawkins - Don’t Treat Me This Way
  8. Bob Luman - All Night Long
  9. Bob Luman - Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache
  10. Bob Luman - This Is The Night
  11. The Shadows - The Creep
  12. David Houston - One And Only
  13. David Houston - The Teenage Frankie & Johnnie
  14. Maylon Humphries - Worried ‘Bout You Baby
  15. Bobby Lee Trammell - Shirley Lee
  16. Bobby Lee Trammell - I Sure Do Love You Baby
  17. Ricky Nelson - Believe What You Say
  18. Ricky Nelson - My Bucket’s Got A Hole In It
  19. Ricky & James Playing Acoustic Guitar - Trambone (Live)
  20. Tommy Cassel - Go Ahead On
  21. Tommy Cassel - Run Along Little Girl
  22. Tommy Cassel - Rockin’ Rock And A Rollin’ Stone
  23. Tommy Cassel - It Ain’t What You Got
  24. Dorsey Burnette - Misery
  25. Dorsey Burnette - Way In The Middle Of The Night
  26. Ricky Nelson - Just A Little Too Much
  27. Bob Luman - I Got A Woman (Live)
  28. Ricky Nelson - Hello Mary Lou
  29. Bob Luman - My Baby Walks All Over Me (Live)
  30. Bob Luman - Band Intros/Milk Cow Blues (Live)
  31. James Burton - Cannonball Rag (Live)
  32. Rick Nelson - Summertime
  33. The Green River Boys feat. Glen Campbell - Truck Drivin’ Man
  34. The Green River Boys feat. Glen Campbell - Lonesome Jailhouse Blues
  35. The Shacklefords - Big River