Robert Forster

Calling From A Country Phone

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Calling From a Country Phone is sometimes referred to as Robert Forster's "country" album, but the folk-rock sound (with occasional pedal steel) recalls Felt's Me and a Monkey on the Moon more than anything that has ever come out of Nashville. Forster's no-frills production suits his idiosyncratic and dramatic style, which requires very little in terms of accompaniment for its effect. "Atlanta Lie Low" seems too low-key to open an album, but it is immediately followed by "121," an unusually straight rocker on which Forster's delivery actually suggests Elvis Presley at times. "Drop" was the album's single, a dynamic song that deserved to be heard but would have found no place on the charts of the day, and "Falling Star" is just as good.


1. Atlanta Lie Low

2. 121

3. The Circle

4. Falling Star

5. I Want To Be Quiet

6. Cat's Life

7. Girl To A World

8. Drop

9. Beyond Their Law

10. Forever &Time

11. Lonely Boy

12. Brookfield 1975

Bonus 7”
1. Lonely Boy

2. Brookfield 1975