Calico Soul

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Born on the streets of India, with roots around the globe, Calico Soul is the debut album of Farafi. A nomadic duo, whose music is based on authentic vocals and percussive sound. Joy and Darlini have drawn inspiration from their travels to create an eclectic collection of sounds inspired by traditional African, Middle Eastern, Indian and Western contemporary music. Their songs vary from heartfelt to upbeat dancing styles. Farafi sing in their own
language as well as several African languages, showcasing limitless ways of creating, to reach the depths of all humans.
A1. Desert Sun
A2. Nina Andelea
A3. Sembere
A4. Djanya Wofu Side
B1. Ey Budida
B2. Gina
B3. Senzenina
B4. Tigri
1. Desert Sun
2. Sembere
3. Djanya Wofu
4. Nina Andelea
5. Senzenina
6. Ya Musu Salam
7. Ey Budida
8. Gina
9. Yeden
10. Tigri
11. Kele