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Limited LP : Randomly Coloured Vinyl

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Over the course of twelve years, a litany of splits and EPs, two beloved full lengths, and even a couple break-ups, Northeastern fuzz-rock heroes Ovlov have earned a loyal cult following - all while staunchly following their own path at every turn.

Now, the band has returned with their third full length, Buds, an album three years in the making that fnd the band deftly maintaining their endearingly steadfast identity while also reckoning with the inevitability of change. Made up of brothers along with their childhood friend, Ovlov's musical DNA is rooted in the kind of familiarity that can only come from real friends playing together.

Buds maintains Ovlov's undeniable gift for buoyant melodies but with a more world weary approach. The album finds the band turning to their music to make sense of life, relationships, what's worth holding on to and what needs to be left behind - all housed within the band's signature cacophony of Big Muff pedals and infectious hooks. 


Baby Shea
Eat More
Land of Steve-O
The Wishing Well
Cheer Up, Chihiro!
Moron Pt. 2
Feel The Pain