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London-based artist Wordcolour returned to Houndstooth late 2021 with a playful new single ‘Bluster’ and now, to follow up, Houndstooth are pleased to release three new editions of the track from New Yorker DJ Python, UK-based DJ and producer wizard Djrum and one half of Matmos, The Soft Pink Truth.

‘Bluster’ continues some of the club experiments of his first EP, ‘Tell Me Something’, but with a beefed-up heavier sound aimed at slow, chunky techno sets.

Like that first record, this track has a sense of humour - constantly cutting in playful bits of vocal and drum detail. Both the title and the artwork imply an undue swagger - a sense of winging it through changeable unpredictable weather conditions: a combination that sums up the feel of this track as well as the circumstances in which it was made.


Bluster (The Soft Pink Truth Remix)
Bluster (Djrum Remix)
Bluster (DJ Python Remix)