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Bliss OST

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Critically acclaimed multi instrumentalist Steve Moore (Zombi) presents the score to the 2019 feature film "Bliss". From pulsing, panic-inducing freneticism of tracks such as "The Bite" to calm and contemplative melodies and guitar leads endearing the listener to the film's lead character, "Bliss" sees Moore at his most dynamic, intense, and nuanced.


1. Incremental Progress
2. You Holding?
3. Diablo
4. The Bite
5. The Hangover
6. My Masterpiece
7. You're Not Going to Die
8. Nobody Comes
9. You'll Never Know What it is Like
10. You Don't Look Too Good
11. First Kill
12. I'm Scared
13. You Don't Give it Up
14. Murderer
15. Back to Life
16. Immortal Combat
17. Finishing Touches
18. Sunlight