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Bless My Psyche

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Sincere Engineer announce ‘Bless My Psyche’, their new album via Hopeless Records.

Recorded in their hometown of Chicago, with longtime collaborator / producer Matt Jordan, ‘Bless My Psyche’ is the follow up to 2017’s ‘Rhombithian’.

‘Bless My Psyche’ continues to juxtapose hopeful expectations and the disappointment of reality through wry and witty lyrics and catchy indie punk.

“I think my music is relatable and I hope it makes people feel like they’re not alone” shares singer Deanna Belos. “I do it because it’s fun and I don’t want to do anything else.”


Trust Me


Out of Reach

Recluse in the Making

Hurricane of Misery

Gone for so Long

Come out for a Spell

Dry Socket

Coming in Last

Dragged Across the Finish Line

Bless My Psyche