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There’s a rich depth to the band’s sound on ‘Bleachers’ laid out in bright, soulful technicolour. The album is frontman Antonoff’s distinctly New Jersey take on the bizarre sensory contradictions of modern life, on his position in culture, and the things he cares about. Sonically, it’s sad, it’s joyful, it’s music for driving on the highway to, for crying to and for dancing to at weddings. There’s something reassuringly touchable and concrete about its sentiment: exist in crazy times but remember what counts.

Releasing their debut album ‘Strange Desire’ in 2014, the band have built a huge, passionate following across three studio albums, becoming renowned for their impressive live show and infectious camaraderie. The band’s last album, ‘Take the Sadness Out of Saturday Night’ took them to new heights, showcasing Antonoff’s immersive songwriting and, as Variety testified, his innate skill at “supersizing personal stories into larger-than-life pop anthems”.

Both with Bleachers and as a songwriter and producer, Antonoff, who, in 2021, was credited by the BBC for having “redefined pop music”, has collaborated with the likes of Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, The 1975, Diana Ross, Lorde, St. Vincent, Florence + The Machine, Kevin Abstract and many more. 


  1. I Am Right On Time
  2. Modern Girl 
  3. Jesus Is Dead 
  4. Me Before You 
  5. Alma Mater 
  6. Tiny Moves 
  7. isimo 
  8. Woke Up Today
  9. Self Respect  
  10. Hey Joe
  11. Call Me After Midnight 
  12. We’re Gonna Know Each Other Forever 
  13. Ordinary Heaven
  14. The Waiter 


A1. I Am Right On Time
A2. Modern Girl 
A3. Jesus Is Dead 
A4. Me Before You 
A5. Alma Mater 

B1. Tiny Moves 
B2. isimo 
B3. Woke Up Today
B4. Self Respect  
B5. Hey Yoe

C1. Call Me After Midnight 
C2. We’re Gonna Know Each Other Forever 
C3. Ordinary Heaven
C4. The Waiter 

D1. I Am In Your Hands (bonus track)
D2. The Backwards Heart (bonus track)
D3. Question Mark (bonus track)
D4. The Big Bad Turnpike Ghost (bonus track)