Black Marble

Bigger Than Life

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The 3rd album from Chris Stewart AKA Black Marble, and his first since moving to L.A. from his New York City home.

“The album comes out of seeing and experiencing a lot of turmoil but wanting to create something positive out of it,”
Stewart explains. “I wanted to take a less selfish approach on this record. Maybe I’m just getting older, but that approach starts to feel a little self-indulgent. So with this record, it’s less about how I see things and more about the
way things just are. Seeing myself as a part of a lineage of people trying to do a little something instead of trying to
create a platform for myself individually.”
As with every Black Marble album, Stewart recorded, produced, and played everything you hear on Bigger Than Life
using entirely analog gear, though the process was new. This time around, he wrote everything on his MPC and
sequenced it live to his synths — only using the computer to record, not to create. “I try new approaches every time,
which helps me stay engaged but also its kind of a trick I play on the creative side of my brain,” Stewart says.
“Keeping one side of my mind busy on organizational creativity I think frees up the other side where the inspirational
creativity comes from.”

1. Never Tell (4:17)
2. One Eye Open (4:43)
3. Daily Driver (3:54)
4. Feels (4:42)
5. The Usual (1:35)
6. Grey Eyeliner (3:32)
7. Bigger Than Life (3:54)
8. Private Show (4:41)
9. Shoulder (4:12)
10. Hit Show (1:36)
11. Call (3:43)