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Between The Cracks

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Every band has a cache of favourite songs in their catalogue they wish had gotten more attention or more airplay, and Crack The Sky is no exception.  

The 12 deep cuts culled for Between The Cracks were personally selected by CTS band members as the ones that got away from the albums they released between 1983 - 2015. Each Crack selection was remastered by CTS guitarist Rick Witkowski, and approved by bandleader/chief songwriter John Palumbo.  

Whether it’s the funky come-on of 1984’s “Monkey Time,” the ethereal dreaminess of 2001’s “Zoom,” the still poignant commentary of 2007’s “Immigration,” the stark viewpoint of oblivion permeating 2010’s “We’re All Dead,” or the angular societal detachment that is 2012’s “The Box,” Between The Cracks fills in the blanks with a dozen prime Crack The Sky tracks worth a second look, and listen. 

In 1976, Rolling Stone called Crack The Sky “one of the year’s most impressive debuts.” CTS was named in Rolling Stone’s 2015 list of 50 Greatest Prog Rock Albums Of All Time and in Twenty 1970’s Albums Rolling Stone Loved That You Never Heard.


All Fly Away (from World In Motion 1, 1983) / Monkey Time (from The End, 1984) / Coconuts (from Ghost, 2001) / Zoom (from Ghost, 2001) / A Letter Home (from The Sale, 2007) / Immigration (from The Sale, 2007) /  Here it Comes Again (from Machine, 2010) / We’re All Dead (from Machine, 2010) / The Box (from Ostrich, 2012) / Your House Is On Fire (from Ostrich, 2012) / King of the Rodeo (from Ostrich, 2012) / Lemonade (from The  Beauty of Nothing, 2015)