Ihsan Al Munzer

Belly Dance Disco

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The first release in Lebanese DJ Ernesto Chahoud’s ‘Middle Eastern Heavens’ reissue series for BBE Music. In late 70s and early 80s Beirut, Lebanese organist, composer and arranger Ihsan Al-Munzer pioneered a new synth-driven fusion sound that reimagined Middle Eastern music. Ihsan Al-Munzer’s first release as a solo artist, ‘Belly Dance Disco’ aimed to fuse ‘Western’ modern music and bellydance to make it more accessible to the local audience in the late 1970s. Tracks on this rare album have been featured by hip hop artists such as Mos Def, who sampled ‘Joy of Lina’ on his 2009 song ‘The Embassy’.


1. Girls of Iskandariah
2. Night Entertainer
3. The Joy of Lina
4. Dance of Tenderness
5. Jamileh
6. A New Candle
7. Once a Year
8. A Flower of My Imagination
9. A Night At The Station
10. Love of Laura