A Girl Called Eddy

Been Around

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Limited LP : Limited edition white vinyl

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A little more than a year ago Elefant released a very special album from a new project called The Last Detail, a supergroup, formed by Fugu and A Girl Called Eddy. Or in other words, Mehdi Zannad and Erin Moran. Just over a year later, here they are releasing an album that many people didn't ever think would every come, the second A Girl Called Eddy album.

While her debut came out in 2004 to much critical acclaim and was produced by
Richard Hawley, it has been a while to say the least. The arrangements on this album work on a different level to Morans debut. Where that album was steeped in dark melancholy, this record seems to bathe in the warm yellow Kodachrome-glow of the best of the 1970's.

1. Been Around
2. Big Mouth
3. Jody
4. Charity Shop Window
5. Someone's Gonna Break Your Heart
6. Not That Sentimental Anymore
7. Two Hearts
8. Lucky Jack (20-1)
9. Come To The Palisades!
10 Finest Actor
11 NY Man
12 Pale Blue Moon (Bonus Track)