Melanie C

Beautiful Intentions

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On Beautiful Intentions Melanie C has worked with veteran producer Greg Haver, who previously worked with the likes of Manic Street Preachers and Super Furry Animals. The result is a sound that is a more mature but organic spin on the pop/rock voice she has developed on this album, her third as a solo star. Although this album has a distinctive rock-sound agenda, with Melanie’s endearing and emotional vocal delivery, there is always a pop-friendly element to her songs. Though she does showcase her incredible voice on a few mellower numbers, such as the piano-led rock ballad of “Better Alone”, hitting all the right sentimental notes of emotional break-ups, and the atmospheric and gentle beauty of “Here & Now”.

Beautiful Intentions / Next Best Superstar / Better Alone / Last Night On Earth / You Will See / Never Say Never / Good Girl / Don’t Need This / Little Piece Of Me / Here & Now / Take Your Pleasure / You’ll Get Yours