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The marvellous Edwin Collins returns with his 9th solo album and first since 2013's "Understated".
Recorded at Clashnarrow studios, a new studio built from scratch near Edwyn's home in Helmsdale.
The album title itself, and title track, are taken from and inspired by Badbea (pronounced badbay), a
dramatically located abandoned village on a cliff top five miles north of Helmsdale with a history defined by the Highland Clearances of the 18th and 19th centuries.
1. It’s All About You
2. In The Morning
3. I Guess We Were Young
4. It All Makes Sense To Me
5. Outside
6. Glasgow To London
7. Tensions Rising
8. Beauty
9. I Want You
10. I’m OK Jack
11. Sparks The Spark
12. Badbea