James Digger

Badaboombap Vol. 2

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The second album from French beatmaker James Digger with American rappers Masta Ace and Mad Squablz, plus Quebec artist Helmé.

Badaboombap is like Terminator, the first one is good but the second one is even better! Badaboombap is that type of record you find in a box in the basement, along with old memories. French beatmaker James Digger produced this followup while meeting American, Quebec and South African artists. There are guests from the golden age but also from the new generation of boombap. The cover picture was taken by Philippe Hamon, the great photographer of 90's rap. Featuring Masta Ace, Tedji & Helmé, Dooz Kawa, 4-Ize, Souffrance & Cenza, MellyMe, Punchline, Rockin' Squat, Mad Squablz, Passi, Gennessee and Bonbec.


BDBB2 (feat. Tedji & Helmé) / Bitter (feat. Masta Ace) / Strasbourg (feat. Dooz Kawa) / Yipkaye (feat. 4- Ize) / TOP TEN (feat. Soufrance & Cenza) / Life (feat. Melly-Mel) / Stupid Mother F***** (feat.Punchline) / Poussière (feat. Rockin' Squat) / Reggie Wayne (feat. Mad Squablz) / Au nom de la prose (feat. Passi) / Murder Bars (feat. Gennessee) / Sergio Leone (feat. Bonbec)