Bad Bad Luck

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All stories have moments of new beginnings; where one path reaches its end and a new one must be carved. Hailing from Long Beach, CA, Wilder. is the manifestation of the latter. A new creative endeavor by members Stephen Ramos [guitar / vocals] and Nick Sturz [drums], the project picks up where the former path (Hearts Like lions) met its end.

Disillusioned by the church they grew up in, southern Californian duo Nick Sturz and Stephen Ramos knew it was time for a change. Their debut EP, Bad Bad Luck, is less a rebirth as much as it’s a reinvention. Plucking their musical apples from the same gardens as CAGE THE ELEPHANT, FIDLAR, and THE MAINE; the duo deal in dishing up an indie-infused, garage rock-steamed, emo-pop pie.” - DistortedSoundMag


1. See Through
2. bitemytongue
3. Bad Bad Luck
4. Oh No
5. Hang Up