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The 2nd Dr. John album, originally released in 1969. 

"Our second album was cut in late 1968—the year of the Tet offensive, and of the assassinations of Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. It was a heavy time for me: Not only was the Vietnam War raging in all its insanity, but, as a semi-outlaw, I was being pursued by various kinds of heat across L.A. In its lyrics and music, this album reflects these chaotic days. At times hard-driving, at other times following a deliberately spacy, disorienting groove, Babylon was the band's attempt to say something about the times—and to do it with a few unusual musical time signatures. The lead song, "Babylon", sets the tone. To a 3/4 and 10/4 groove, it lays out my own sick-ass view of the world then—namely, that I felt our number was up. We were trying to get into something ...with visions of the end of the world—as if Hieronymus Bosch had cut an album." - Dr. John


Babylon 5:13
Glowin' 5:37
Black Widow Spider 4:45
Barefoot Lady 3:00
Twilight Zone 8:10
The Patriotic Flag-Waiver 4:53
The Lonesome Guitar Strangler 5:35