Einar Selvik

Assassin's Creed Valhalla: The Wave Of Giants

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Limited LP : Opaque White Vinyl

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‘Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’ takes place toward the end of the Ninth Century, a time when Norse tribes were leaving their homes in Scandinavia and sailing to the collection of fractured kingdoms known as Anglo-Saxon England. It’s here, during this age of transition, that you’ll take on the role of Eivor and lead your people to a new land in the search for a new home. As you embark on Valhalla’s epic Viking journey you’ll lead deadly raiding parties, fight in massive battles and build up a prosperous settlement, all within the historical backdrop of Ninth Century England.

‘Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’ went Gold weeks before the launch.

Songs by Norwegian black metal drummer Einar Selvik (Vikings, Gorgoroth, Wardruna), also known by his stage name Kvitrafn (white raven).

Lyrics are sung in Old Norse and they mainly consist of excerpts and edited Old Norse Skaldic and Eddic poetry, except for the song ‘When Horns Resound’, which was written by Einar.


Vigahugr - Lust For Battle
Dagar eru Taldir - Days Are Numbered
Drenglynda Skáldið - The Steadfast Skald (Skaldic Version)
Lof hins Gjafmilda - Honour To The Generous
Helreið Oðins - Odin’s Ride To Hel
Til Vinskapar - To Friendship (Skaldic Version)
Hrafnsmál - The Words Of The Raven
Hausbrjótr - Skullcrusher
Rúnar skaltu Kunna - Those Runes You Must Know
Vegurinn til Valhallar - The Way to Valhöll