As And Bs (1970-76)

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UK hard rockers Stray’s As and Bs for the Transatlantic and Pye record labels. As well as being a very popular live act in the UK, they were also in demand right across Europe, with many of these tracks originally being issued in Italy, France, Spain and Germany, plus Japanese singles. In 1976 Stray gained some notoriety when they were managed for a brief period by Charlie Kray, elder brother of the infamous Kray Twins (one can assume they had no problem getting paid after gigs during his stewardship!). However, it was more of a publicity stunt than anything and sadly did not further the band’s career. Stray continue to exist and perform.

CD 1: Only What You Make It / Time Machine / Around The World In Eighty Days / All In Your Mind / Our Song / Mama’s Coming Home / Leave It Out / After The Storm / Hallelujah / Brand New Day / Move It / Crazy People / Son Of The Father / Where Do Our Children Belong

CD 2: How Could I Forget You / Sister Mary / Like A Dream / Somebody Called You / Come On Over / Soon As You’ve Grown / Precious Love / Recover / Smile / Stand Up And Be Counted / Take It Easy / Fire And Glass / You Went Away / Take A Life / Give A Little Bit / Everybody’s Song