Arrived Anxious, Left Bored

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The second part of his excavation of material from the past 10 years, 'Arrived Anxious, Left Bored' explores experimental production across pop, hip hop, house and more, including collabs with celebrated producer Emile Haynie (Dua Lipa, Lana Del Rey, ASAP Rocky) as well as Jim-E Stack (Bon Iver, HAIM, Sudan Archives). Track three ‘All There’ also includes Flume's vocal debut; the first time his singing voice has been heard on his production. Artwork by Jonathan Zawada.


1. SKY SKY 1.3 [2016 Export Wav]
2. Chalk 1.3.3 [2017 Export Wav] feat. Jim-E Stack
3. All There 1.9 [2019 Export Wav]
4. Road To Japan [2017 Export Wav]
5. Jerry 1.6 [2017 Export Wav]
6. n1cevib3 1.3 [2015 Export Wav]
7. Arrived Anxious, Left Bored 1.4 [2020 Export Wav]
8. Habibi [2019 Export Wav] feat. Emile Haynie
9. Miss U [2020 Export Wav]
10. No Other 1.2.2 [2021 Export Wav]